Being an acupuncturist should be about helping people...

Not just finding new patients!

Tired of having problems keeping your schedule full while trying to be a healer?
It's easier to fix than you think.

  • There are certain things you should be saying to a potential patient the first time you meet them to get them to book. 
  • Concentrate on the ways to schedule appointments without sounding like a salesperson, and get them coming back for more.
  • Leverage patient relationships so a continuous flow of new and old clients keep circulating through your business.

 Hi, I'm Alyssa. I'm on a mission to mainstream Eastern medicine and heal the world with acupuncture and love, by helping you build a successful acupuncture practice.

I fixed this problem for myself and now life is
MUCH different.

It wasn't always like that though...As you read my story, it may sound very familiar to you.  

I started my practice in April of 2011 in Santa Monica.  

I had no business experience, I didn’t know what I was doing, I was super broke, I was in debt, I was waitressing at night time just to make ends meet, all while attempting to build an acupuncture practice!

​I had some patients but not enough to make a living, I was exhausted, frustrated, broke, confused and worst of all, I felt very alone.

​I tried out different strategies such as joining network groups, giving discounts, connecting with MDs and giving them my cards, you name it!  

This took time, money (which i did not have!) and brought in very few patients, who didn’t stay on as long-term quality clientele.  

I got to my breaking point and almost gave up, thinking about returning to school and learning something that would actually earn a living!

But I loved Eastern medicine and couldn’t shake the gut feeling that this is where I am needed.  

As a last ditch effort, I turned my focus inward and began to examine my mindset and the inner workings of my own clinic.  

I began to look at how I spoke to myself and how I spoke to my patients.  

I began to fill my head with different messages through books, podcasts, and conversations with successful people.

I tested out different verbiages with patients and different ways of speaking to myself.

And let me tell you… this… was…. everything!!!  

I ​discovered I needed a better system
for ​myself if I was going to stay in business.

I didn't want to give up on my acupuncture business. I put in too much time and knew how badly so many people in the world needed this sort of treatment on a regular basis.

I began to find the missing pieces to my puzzle.

It was amazing how I began to see everything shift in my life in a relatively short period of time and I want to share the dream that became a reality for me.

Imagine that you walk into your acupuncture office and your day is booked solid.

You check your schedule where you find two new patients have booked through your online appointment system the night before and in your email inbox there are a couple new emails from other new patients inquiring about scheduling an appointment.

Imagine your charts are all pulled, in order, with fresh progress reports already in them and ready to go because your office helper came in the night before and got everything ready for you.

Your needles are full and your treatment room is clean. It’s been so great to be able to afford to pay someone to do all the little busy work around the office.

You think about how much more time you have to spend with your family and friends.

Imagine you go online to check your bank account and you realize that you have more money than you’ve ever had in your entire life.

  • check
    You feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders
  • check
    You think fondly about how your credit cards are paid off
  • check
    ​Your school loans are under control 
  • check
    ​Your savings is growing
  • check
    ​You finally opened a retirement account last month.
  • check
    *You are excited because you have plenty of money to go on that vacation you have coming up next month 

“Finally!” you think, “I am no longer worried about money and I’m making a living doing what I love!”

A dream come true, right? Well it doesn’t have to be a dream at all.  

This can be your life with the help of my curriculum and the 24/7 support of the 6-Figure Acupuncturist community!

I’m so proud of the 6-Figure community that I’ve created, together we've built a community of successful, positive, supportive acupuncturists.

This is such a huge component that’s missing in the acupuncture world.  

There is constant feedback from the members saying how wonderful and helpful it is to have a positive group of like-minded supportive acupuncturists.  

Not only has it helped them increase their patient load and income, but it’s united acupuncturists around the world under the common vision of mainstreaming Eastern medicine and making the world a healthier place!  

There is too much isolation in the acupuncture community.  

We need to unite together not only for the success of our practices but for the progression of Eastern medicine.  

There is no other group out there like this and no other training created to specifically meet the needs of acupuncturists and give them the tools to build successful and fulfilling practices.  

I say this with sincerity and confidence in my ability to help you and your ability to succeed!

Figuring out the right system for me and my business completely changed everything for me. 

For the first time, I was able to get a hold of the business and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once my business started to really take off, I was able to start truly focusing on the care I was giving, not the office rent bill being paid.

Earning six figures doing something I love and helping people was a complete game changer.

Earning this did such wonders for my self esteem and confidence in my work.  It made me truly happy to finally reach my dream.

Remember, this is what I mainly focused on​ to turn it around:

Developing a system that is in line with my vision

Nailing down the things that WORK changed everything, because I could duplicate the process.

Adhering to the system, and working on the 80/20 rule.  

I stopped putting energy into things that weren't being impactful.

Getting ​the business to the point where it's autonomous. 

At some point, the business just runs itself and you can concentrate on healing more than building.

Earning 6-Figures Per Year Changes EVERYTHING.

For me, once I was able to break this threshold, I enjoyed my profession MUCH more because I was able to:

  • Not worry about how I was getting my next patients. 
    After developing a system for myself that I knew worked, I was confidently able to book patients and keep them coming back continuously.
  • Not worry about keeping the lights on and food on the table.
    Major stress can occur when you don't know how you're going to pay your bills. This can even come out while you're performing treatments, because your mind has a tendency to wonder, especially when you hold onto a fear that your business may not make it.
  • Help more people!
    Last but certainly not least, once you're pulling in that kind of money, you'll most likely have a patient base of confirmed and committed clients that rely on you more than you're relying on them. This is a huge paradigm shift from when you're starting out.
  • Take some time off!
    Ah yes, I forgot to mention traveling. Traveling is my other passion, and when you have a business with dedicated patients that trust you, they won't go anywhere if you take some time for yourself. Like I mentioned earlier, they wind up needing you a lot more than the other way around, which allows you take a needed breather, every once in a while.

    This new and improved confidence actually helps you channel more direct energy into the patients and your work becomes more effective.

    I know that sounds counter intuitive, but it's the truth. Patients value you more when you're not available all the time.

Does any of that sound appealing to you? Do you think that you'd enjoy your life a little more if you could wake up in the morning and not think about all the things that you have to do in order to stay in business, but focused on the things you WANT to do?

Since my system worked so well for me, I started teaching other acupuncturists my secrets to success.

After proving the system for my own business, I want to share it with people in my profession like yourself, because there's no way I can treat everyone! I wish I could, but I can't.

Pain, sickness, and stress are abundant in our society, and the more successful acupuncturists there are, then the more people we'll be treating collectively, and the healthier this world will become.

Now that my schedule is generally always full, the next best thing to do is to help other acupuncturists fill their schedule and help them earn a living wage that allows them to focus on the big picture - mainstreaming Eastern medicine and healing the world.

Or in many cases, much more than a living wage.

Since starting this, the results have been outstanding!

Over the years of training other acupuncturists, I've seen results that I literally would have never thought possible.

Almost every day, I'm in contact with new and old students that are learning and implementing the techniques and systems that I set up for myself.

Fellow acupuncturists, I introduce to you...

Building A 6-Figure Acupuncture Practice Advanced Training Course

So without me rambling too much, let me show you what I've been working on that will sum up all of the key points I've been discussing.

  1. Four 45-60 minute long online video module classes, lessons that you’re able to access on your own time and schedule, and watch as many times as you desire. These easy to follow, comprehensive modules come to you through a safe and secure website, where you will have a private access account. You can watch them from the comfort of your home in your spare time.
  2. More videos!  Learn how to cup, watch me needle difficult points, understand electronic health records, and bonus coaching content.
  3. 25 + scripts to guide you in speaking to your patients with ease and confidence. You no longer have to worry about being tongue tied when a patient asks you a question. You’ll know exactly how to explain the treatment process to them so they come in again and again for treatments.
  4. All the necessary pieces of paperwork (11 total) for your office administration. This insures that you won’t be missing any important forms in your clinic. You don’t have to spend time, money, or stress designing and writing all the essential paperwork.
  5. PDF downloads of the 4 powerpoint presentations making it easy for you to print out any or all of the materials and transcripts.
    You’ll also get MP3s so you don’t have to write anything down. You’ll always be able to carry the material with you anywhere you go for a quick review.
  6. 30 day money back guarantee! If this material isn’t a fit for you, you don’t waste any of your precious money and can get a full refund. 
    (This really rocks because you have absolutely nothing to lose!)
  7. You will receive 5 – category 2 CA CEUs. The NCCAOM recognizes CA CEUs as valid units.
    So this is also valid for 5 NCCAOM units. Money well spent, CEUs earned!
  8. You will have access to the private Facebook group of 6-Figure Acupuncturists forever! In other words, your membership never expires and you are never alone again. Indefinite 24/7 access to a group of supportive, positive, success minded acupuncturists.
    Access to answers for any question you will ever have about practicing Eastern medicine and any questions that come up about the modules. And that also means access to my coaching.  I’m constantly in the group answering questions AND once per month I hold live video coaching sessions.  I will always be there for support and love! Forever!  

What Are Other Acupuncturists Saying...

“After finding out I passed CALE I felt really overwhelmed about starting my business and was not sure where to begin. With Alyssa’s course, I received all that I needed to set up my business, and really helpful tools including a mindset and support that prepared me to have a thriving business and more! I took her course in April of 2014 and I hit the 6-figure mark just 20 months later in December 2015! Thank you so much Alyssa!”
~ Heather Huber,

“Before I began Alyssa’s program, I wasn’t hitting my goal number of patients or income, and it seemed I was almost burnt out trying. I felt like building my practice and actually living comfortably would always be an uphill struggle. Thankfully, I was proven wrong after taking the jump and deciding to take action through Alyssa’s course! Never did I think it was even a possibility to hit 6-figures on my own as a solo acupuncturist in business. By the end of 2015, only within a year of taking her course, I exceeded that and am now living my dream by opening up my own storefront clinic! I’m now able to help and heal many more patients, grow my business, take vacations, support my family, and finally live comfortably!”
~ Christina Guthrie,

“The 6-Figure Acupuncture course and community has truly made a HUGE difference in lifting my spirits, clarifying my passion, and increasing my income. After just one week or so of starting the modules my private practice started to pick up in a major way and I began to weave a brand new positive mindset and Alyssa’s intelligent scripts into everything I was doing. That month I made $2,000 more than the month before, and the month after that I even made $1,500 more than the previous month. I am just so excited to feel confident and grounded completely in what I do because my passion is now aligned with who I am. So precious and well worth every penny!”
~Monica Walters,

“Alyssa’s program instantly had me working towards my goals by building confidence, positivity and purpose. Within three months I transformed my business and went from not being able to pay bill to having enough to pay bills, splurge a little bit and put away into savings! My patient numbers went from 5 patients in a week, to most recently averaging 25-30 patients in a week! Thank you Alyssa for forming this wonderful community!”
~ Judith Miller,

“This course was like a breath of fresh air! It renewed my confidence as a practitioner by teaching me the simplest way to speak to patients. As a result, I’ve had better patient compliance, better results, and a busier practice. I also love how I can listen to the modules anytime for a confidence booster! Out of every business seminar I’ve taken, this one resonated with me the most and gave me instant results!”
~ Linyana Gipson,

​Start Building a 6-Figure Acupuncture Practice.  What are you waiting for?

If you want to start growing your business, and stop the every day struggle click below and I can get you started with the courses TODAY!

Once you start utilizing the proven methods, you will wonder why you haven't been doing this from the beginning.

Even after all that, if this doesn't help you and you find no value in the material, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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Here are some more words from acupuncturists that I've helped with this course.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
Elizabeth Allen,
Elizabeth Martin,
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Alyssa Dazet

L.Ac Dipl.O.M
Creator of 6figureacupuncturist

About Alyssa

I am a licensed acupuncturist and have been helping patients and other acupuncturists since 2011.

One of my passions is traveling the world volunteering my services in developing countries and disaster areas.  

I have made it my goal to help make acupuncture more mainstream, because I whole heartedly believe in the value of acupuncture, the benefits for the patients, and incorporating it into the world to work along side Western Medicine.

Do you currently have a system in place?

I know you're wondering if this is right for you, but if you're not developing as an acupuncturist the way you think you should be, then it needs to be time to ask yourself the tough question of why?

Will this work for you?

Obviously what I teach is going to come with some hard work and changes to your typical daily routine, but I promise they'll pay off in the end if you stay dedicated.

I have this down to a science.  I've taught hundreds of acupuncturists and they all are stunned with the amount of practical information they learn from this course, and how they've been able to incorporate these important lessons.

Before and After

I outlined below what I hear most frequently from the hundreds of acupuncturists I've been working with since launching this program in 2014 and what happens before and after they take the course.


  • I'm constantly scrambling to make ends meet to stay in business and take care of my life expenses.
  • I discount my treatment price, which devalues my services, attracts the wrong type of patients, and makes me feel resentful in the long run.
  • I feel like a sales person with the patients I do have by trying to get them to come in for follow up visits.
  • I spend a ton of time and money marketing my practice with little to no results. 
  • I'm not confident with my treatments nor in myself and I am uncertain of my future in this business.
  • I have to take on a side job to make ends meet and am constantly exhausted.


  • No problem finding new patients, because I know where to find them and what to say to get them in the door.
  • Instead of discounting my rate I will need to increase it, because I don't have enough time in my schedule.
  • I know exactly what to say and do to keep my new and former patients on an indefinite treatment plan, which keeps my schedule full and my patients healthy.
  • I gain a bunch of new clients simply by word of mouth (which costs me nothing!), since I'm treating their friends, relatives and co-workers on a regular basis, and they feel like family.
  • I manage my time more efficiently by having plenty of income to hire out my redundant tasks that don't make the business money.
  • I have the financial freedom and schedule flexibility to take vacations.

Here's what you get with the program.

  • 4 content filled online modules that I've broken down for you to easily consume and use in your business.
  • Easy ways to attract and find the right clients that will keep coming back for more.
  • 25+ scripts that you can use right away to get patients and keep them.
  • Action items that you can put into practice immediately to improve your business efficiencies and success.
  • Access to our private Facebook group with 100's of other successful positive minded acupuncturists.
  • 30-day full money back guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​Try “Building A 6-Figure Acupuncture Practice” for 30 days with zero risk! If you think you might get even one little useful piece of information out of the course (although I’m certain you’ll find way more than one!), then you should join right now! It’s RISK FREE! If this course and the 6-figure support community doesn’t resonate with you, just email me at before the 31st day and I’ll refund you 100% with no questions asked, and I’ll be happy to do so. My program is all about success, happy and fulfilled practitioners, and mainstreaming our medicine. I don’t want even one unhappy acupuncturist out there in the world! You have nothing to lose! Read more about the success and confidence other practitioners have achieved with my program.

Module 1

Why Mindset Is Everything And How To Start Up Your Practice.

  • Why mindset is the #1 most important part to having a successful acupuncture practice
  • The secrets to keeping your mind in the right place
  • Plus, the tools to keep it there
  • The truth behind what can make or break your practice
  • How to start an acupuncture practice
  • Are you wondering if you should start your own business, if you should work for someone else, or maybe have a second job?  I’ll clear up these confusions and tell you how to get started on the right foot.
  • What never to spend your time on when you first open your practice and what you need to be doing instead (way too many new practitioners waste their time on this, and I don’t want you to make the same mistake)
  • The secret to not paying too much rent on your office location so you don’t have to stress about paying your bills
  • The truth behind how you must set your fees so you never have to worry about money
  • The exact steps to set up your business
  • Plus, 11 templates of office paperwork for you to edit and start using in your clinic immediately.
  • Module 2

    The Secret To Simple Effective Marketing.

  • The truth behind why you are marketing (and no, it’s not just to get patients).
  • Why you should never ever ever give discounts, why this will hurt your business so much more then you know, and what to offer instead of discounts.
  • Why marketing is much easier then you think it is and takes very little time.
  • The secret to becoming a marketing master and having your practice full of patients.
  • Plus the top three places to get patients, exactly what to say and how to do it.
  • Are you an introvert and think marketing is for extroverts? Wrong! Learn powerful techniques to getting patients that don’t even require you to leave your clinic.
  • The “One Line Wonder” technique: Learn several of these lines that get you more patients.
  • Plus, more simple and fun techniques that will get you patients time and time again.
  • Having a full clinic requires you to constantly be attracting new clients, right? Wrong! See why a huge source of business comes from your current clients and learn exactly how to do this.
  • What never to forget to do all the time everywhere in order to attract business.

  • Module 3

    How To Navigate Insurance Billing And Give Your Patients The Best Treatment Of Their Entire Lives.

  • The big secret to simpliying insurance billing (I had no idea this even existed when I first began my practice and it’s changed everything).
  • The step by step process of how to take insurance.
  • Plus what the heck all those words mean – PPO, HMO, EOB, in or out of network?
  • How to confidently speak about insurance to your patients.
  • The secret to making sure you ALWAYS get paid your full price.
  • The truth behind taking insurance so you are not waiting weeks and weeks and weeks for your payment. Especially when you don’t have any money to spare.
  • Why you should never spend your time doing your own insurance billing, how it can actually hurt the success of your practice, and what you must do instead.
  • Are you completely lost on how to set your insurance fee shedule and which codes to bill? Learn the simple ways to do all of this.
  • Why communication and trust are more critical to the success of your practice then diagnosis and treatment.
  • The exact step by step process of an entire treatment from the minue they walk in the door to the follow up process the next day. I’ve used this in my office to build a booming 6-figure acupuncture practice. You’ll learn exactly what to say and do and why it works so well.
  • The secret technique to turn your patient’s into patient’s for life.
  • One of the number one things we hear as acupuncturists is a dislike for needles. I’ll teach you how to instantly ease your patient’s anxiety over this.
  • Why you must put these 3 points in every single patient.
  • The truth behind picking your points for your patient and how to never second guess yourself again.
  • Plus, other simple and effective methods for increasing your confidence as a practitioner which is a huge part of having a successful clinic.

  • Module 4

    Why Language Will Make You A 6-Figure Acupuncturist.

  • The big secret to having a successful clinic: What you say to your patients.
  • Learn how to speak with ease and confidence.
  • 25+ scripts so you are never left tongue tied again.
  • The truth of how to explain how acupuncture works so your patients come in again and again for treatments, never struggle with having they come in for their follow up treatments again.
  • The truth of how to explain how acupuncture works so your patients come in again and again for treatments, never struggle with having they come in for their follow up treatments again.
  • Do you get asked the same few questions over and over and over but still get stuck on how to answer? Learn simple scripts that you can use time and time again so you never have to feel nervous or hesitant speaking to your patients.
  • What never to forget to say at the end of free consult, so the patient books on the spot.
  • The secret to getting your patients to reschedule (and it’s not when you check them out at the end of treatment).
  • What one word you should never say to your patient… ever. (Or they might never come back)
  • Why you need to position yourself on your patient’s team for the sake of their health.
  • The secret to getting your patient to do what you ask them to.
  • Why you must say this to your patient or it could ruin the entire treatment experience.
  • How to explain cupping, guasha, and estim so your patients understand.
  • Do you not answer your phone because you are not sure how to handle it?
  • Learn exactly what to say to guide the patient to booking an appointment.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I don't have the money?

    Does this women really have a 6-figure acupuncture practice?

    Is there a refund policy?

    How will I receive the content?

    Do you have a payment plan?

    Is this course right for me?

    P.S. I'm really excited you made the move to read through this entire long page!  I know it was a long read, but I want to make sure I'm able to convey all the positive benefits, I know this will help you achieve in your practice, once you start.

    If you're as passionate as I am about building your successful acupuncture practice and mainstreaming Eastern medicine, click below and get started in the course.

     Yes, I want to start the Advanced Training Course now!