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Imagine you’re speaking with an acupuncture mentor who has been in business 25 years and you eagerly ask them what are the secrets to building a successful practice. You’re leaning slightly forward in your seat to be sure you hear them clearly, excited for what you’re about to learn, and they turn to you and say,

“Work hard everyday, if someone can’t afford your prices give them a discount to get them in the door, work out of four rooms so you can give multiple treatments at once, take very little time off and always be available to your patients.”


Your bright eager eyes start to flicker and dim as you imagine yourself grinding away in your office 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, for the next 25 years as you hear this play in your head…

 Now imagine you’re speaking with a different acupuncture mentor. One who seemingly built a 6-figure practice in no time, always has a packed schedule and a big huge smile on her face because she is loving life.

“What are your secrets to building a successful practice?” you curiously ask.

She looks at you with a glow in her eyes and states, “Take vacations, lots of them, refer out patients that can’t afford your services even if your schedule is not full, and don’t push yourself, only work out of one room, maybe 4 days a week.”

Ok, yes please!

A lot of acupuncture practice building advice that’s out there right now is outdated. What you’re going to learn from me is cutting edge, innovative, radical new techniques that will transform your life from ho hum to heck yeah!

Learn how to build a successful practice by using three uncommon and unconventional strategies in order to create the ultimate work life dream life.

I’ve had a 6-figure practice for the last 4 years now. Did I get there by working my bum off full time 24/7? Quite the contrary in fact. As my practice got busier I started working less and less.

First I went from two rooms down to one room, then I worked less hours, then I worked less days per week, then I worked less weeks per year.

And yes, I still maintained my 6-figure practice but I also maintained my dream life.

Because my dream life involves not being at the office all the time, having plenty of time for self-care, my friends, and my hobbies, having financial freedom, traveling the world and always coming back to a full schedule.

And guess what?

You can live your dream life AND have a 6-figure acupuncture practice that you love.

That’s the life I created and am happily living today!

I’m currently in Italy on week 4 of a 6 week travel adventure trip. My patients are being taken care of by another acupuncturist in my office, which means my patients are getting treatments and I’m making money from my practice even though I’m not there. I have 19 patients already scheduled for the first week I’m back in office. I’m on track to hitting 6-figures this year having already grossed $34,676.69 from my practice in January to March of 2017 and I made this working out of one room four days a week!

Why am I telling you this?

Because nobody ever talks about inspiring, successful stories in the acupuncture community and I’m the acupuncturist who is going to give it to you straight in full and complete transparency!

But I didn’t always have this all figured out.

For the first couple of years in practice I struggled with a work life balance, I needed more patients, I was stressed about money, and I most certainly did not take any time for traveling.

I was waitressing at night, in my practice during the day, not getting enough sleep or having any time off, giving discounts for treatments, and searching for help from other acupuncture colleagues, except no one was living the life I wanted which always left me hopeless and frustrated.

But now, I have my dream practice and I’m living my dream life!

I always have a full schedule, I never stress about money, I have a lot of time for self-care and hobbies, I have plenty of time to travel the world, and my patients are always excited to come back in for treatments when I return.

I am successful and completely free!

And the best part, I finally have complete confidence in being able to create whatever life I want and being able to help you do it too.

Because we’ve all heard something along these lines of the law of attraction, The Secret, the universe is always listening and such, but you have to pause and wonder… is this really true?

I understand! I use to wonder too! But you’ll never wonder again with my help!

What I want to teach you today is one of three unconventional and uncommon strategies to build a successful practice and create your ultimate work life dream life, that senior acupuncturists get wrong – how referring out patients will actually get more patients in your office.

Disclaimer note: Senior acupuncturists aren’t actually “wrong”. (I have nothing but love and respect you!) There are endless ways to build a successful practice, the key is to find whichever one is the right one for you. I’m only using the word wrong for the dramatic effect. 😉 Hey, it caught your attention, right?!

Now on with the training!

When I first started practicing I thought referring a patient out to another practitioner was just plain nuts.

Here’s what I mean…

I thought -why would I give a patient away when I don’t even have a full schedule myself yet? What would make me refer a patient out when I can just discount them to keep them in my practice? I needed the money, right?

Boy was I wrong.

Learning when to refer out was one of the best things I did to get more patients in my door. And now you can do it too.

Ahhhh Alyssa, I think you’re losing it. How is giving away patients going to get me more patients?

I know, sounds backwards right? So let me explain…

One of the main reasons to refer out a patient is because they can’t afford your prices. But one of the first things an acupuncturist thinks they should do in this situation is offer a discount.

I get it! I use to do it too!

But this is the exact opposite land of what you should be doing because what happens in this situation is a slippery slope.

When you begin to fill your practice with patients that are paying a discounted rate, you’ll begin to attract other patients that are seeking that rate too.

Discounted patients will mostly refer other discounted patients who will show up at your office expecting a discounted patient rate!

Yes your practice may begin getting busier but it’s going to be getting busier at this discounted rate.

The secret here is that your practice would have been getting busier at your full fee rate too, if you had just known to refer out these discounted patients in order to leave room for those patients that would pay full fee.

When you don’t refer them out you begin working more and more for a fee that’s not exactly the fee you wanted to charge in the first place. Not only does this mean you won’t be making as much money as you want to make, you also will need to work more hours than you want to work, and resentment starts building.

Once resentment starts building you’re no longer radiating – you’re exhausted, you’re frustrated, you’re stressed and not happy. Unfortunately this just repels your discounted patients, they start to drop off your schedule, and next thing you know you’re barely scrapping by with a handful of patients who are not paying your full fee.

Holy hot mess!

When you learn to refer out those that cannot afford you, you leave your schedule wide open for those that can. Your schedule starts to fill up with full price paying patients. Those patients refer other full price paying patients. You’re working the hours you want, making the money you want, living the life you want, and shining that radiating light that you want too, which only attracts more full paying patients to you!

It can be scary to let go of a patient when your practice isn’t full, but it’s the best thing you can do. Create the space and it will be filled.

In the second of three unconventional and uncommon strategies to build a successful practice, that senior acupuncturists get wrong, I’m going to teach you how to do this out of a one room practice.

Don’t get caught up in the old school ways of building a successful practice! Take the new radical route to get exactly what you want out of life.

But first what I want to hear from you is this…

1. What are some of the tips you hear on how to build a successful practice and what do you think might be a myth or an old school way of thinking?
2. What’s one thing you think you can’t have/do if you have a successful practice?

Leave a comment now and I’ll write back to you! Let’s squash these myths and get some positive and inspirational vibes flowing out there in our acupuncture community!

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