Part Three: Ever Heard “You’re Too Expensive?”


Come on brain, work!Thank you so much for sharing your struggles and triumphs in the comments and emails from part two.

When we create positive community and camaraderie among acupuncturist we all win.

I’m so excited to see everyone participating and helping each other get closer to creating their dream practices!  I love this!

Are you feeling the love and excitement too?!

You can make a living doing what you love and have your dream practice once you learn the deeper understandings of it all, especially the energetics we’ve been talking a lot about.

After struggling through my first two years as an acupuncturist and barely making ends meet, I learned and applied these deeper understandings and my practice took off!

I’ve made 6-figures ever since, I never worry about money, I travel the world extensively (because this is my dream practice!), and I always have a full schedule, even upon returning from a long trip.


Another acupuncturist who learned and applied these deeper understandings is Elizabeth Folk of

Elizabeth says, “Before taking Alyssa’s 6-figure acupuncture course I was reaching for patients at most seeing less than 10 patient visits per week, not confident, feeling guilty taking money, discounting, and struggling to start my practice.

After taking her course it only took 2 months to triple my weekly patient visits to over 30 visits per week, and my confidence was completely boosted because Alyssa gave me a clear plan of action and protocol of how to clearly educate the patients so that they utilize acupuncture properly, something we were not taught in school.

Alyssa helped me realize the true value of what we do, which gave me the confidence to not only help myself and my practice but my patients as well!

Now, a full year after taking the program, I can officially say I’m grossing over 6-figures for 2015!!

This Program is a driving force in the acupuncture community. Mainstreaming Eastern Medicine here we go!!! Thank you so much Alyssa Dazet!”

Eeeeeek!  My heart sings and swells when other acupuncturists are living their dreams!

I love helping our community prosper and flourish and shine.

Today I’m going to teach you how to respond when a potential patient asks you how many years you have been in practice along with sometimes asking how old you are, as a means of implying you do not have much experience.

This question hits close to home for me because although I’m 36 years old I will often get mistaken for easily a decade younger.

I am not complaining, but mix that with my happy energetic personality and I’m tagged as a teeny bopper all the time.  So I hear this question a lot.

I know a lot of you out there are still in the beginning stages of building your practices and may feel self conscious about being a beginner.  That’s where the energetics come into play.

Let me explain…

When confronted with this question don’t skip a beat.  Answer right back,

“I’m ‘x’ years old and I’ve been in practice ‘x’ years.  And it’s going great!  I love it.  My office is doing amazing.  It’s such a blessing to be able to help people.”

You see what I did here?

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in practice or what your age is, because that has nothing to do with why someone is truly asking you this question.


Yup.  Nothing.

The energetics will tell you why…

Generally someone is asking you this because acupuncture is a foreign thing to most people and the unknown is often scary.

They are concerned that you don’t know what you are doing, you can hurt them or the treatments won’t work and it will be a waste of their time and money.

What does this person need from you?

Trust, trust, and more trust.

And when you answer with genuine enthusiasm about your office and helping people, without a hint of justification or defensiveness, then trust is created between the two of you.

It’s not personal when someone asks you this or asks a lot of other questions one gets as an acupuncturist.

Answer with an open heart and help the other person put down their walls.

Are you starting to see how significant the deeper understandings are for building your dream practice?

When you learn and apply this information you will get more appointments, have financial freedom, help more patients, build the practice of your dreams, feel less stressed, travel the world, support your family, work to mainstream Eastern medicine, expand your practice, or however your dream practice life looks for you!

You will have the freedom to have whatever you desire!

You deserve to have it and you CAN have it.

Now that you’ve learned about the deeper understandings it takes to build your dream practice, you’re ready to go out there and shine to get new patients.  And not just any patients – the right patients for you.

That is priceless.

Of course, there’s so much more for you to do if you want to get patients and build the acupuncture practice of your dreams.  It’s far more than I can fit into this article series.

Once you’ve applied these energetics and have attracted the right patients to you, there are other exciting questions to answer:

1. How do I get my patients to come back in for the right amount of treatments?

2. How do I answer all their questions without getting tongue-tied?

3. How can I have a full schedule all the time?

If you’re interested in finding tried, tested, and effective answers to these questions and more, I’ve got great news for you!

The deeper understandings, the energetics, and how to answer questions are only one small part of the 7 main steps you need to build a successful practice.

I’ll be teaching you these steps on a FREE online webinar ”How to get patients and heal the world.”

I’m also going to introduce you to my advanced training course that hundreds of acupuncturists all around the globe have already taken to build their dream acupuncture practices.

Learn the exact steps I used to build my practice to 6-figures in less then 3 years.  To create a life of freedom.  To make a living doing what I love.

The energetics are just one of the many techniques needed to build a successful practice that I learned through my time, testing, trial and error. And on this webinar I’m going to teach you everything!

I’m excited to come on live again with you because it’s always so much fun!

I’m also excited because on this webinar I’m going to be offering some new free bonuses that are jam packed with content on the deeper understandings of practice building!  And they’ll only be available for free on this webinar.

Click here now to sign up for the free webinar!







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