Supercharge Your Acupuncture Practice By Getting HIGH QUALITY and Long Term Patients Using These Proven Methods 

After over 6 years of helping thousands of patients and hundreds of other acupuncturists, this free guide contains the exact  2-step strategy I use for getting new patients and keeping them coming back. For life.

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Alyssa Dazet L.Ac. Dipl.O.M.

This is what I cover in the guide:

How To Get New Patients 


Finding patients is the heart of your business, but it's not as difficult as many acupuncturists make it out to be.

This guide will show you exactly what to say to them to get them to say "Yes".

Get Them Coming Back


You didn't get into this line of work to be a sales person. I get it. But there's a way to sell without selling.

This is a key component in getting first time patients and return visits. There's a script that I use that works every time.

  • Gain an abundance of long term QUALITY patients who are eager to book by saying this one (non-salesy) line.
  • Get all your patients to effortlessly book infinite follow up appointments by using the treatment plan script that I cover on page 12.
  • Learning how to correctly speak to your patients (even if there are only 3 of them!) is the real jackpot to boosting your business, and in this guide I show you the simple way to always get this right.

Many acupuncturists are fearful that they won't have enough patients to keep them in business, but this is not the case. It's fairly easy when you know what to say and you have the correct systems in place in your office.

The fact is people NEED treatment.  They NEED Eastern medicine. And there are ways to easily approach these people so that they are excited to book appointments with you.

Growing and maintaining a successful acupuncture requires a thoughtful approach to finding and maintaining patients.  This can be a full time job in and of itself, if you're doing the wrong things.

This can get discouraging for a lot of acupuncturists, since this takes away from the primary reason why you most likely got into this profession in the first help people.

Once the business side of things is covered, the profession becomes a lot more meaningful, because your energy is spent pursuing your passion instead of chasing money.

Alyssa Dazet LAc DiplOM

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This was me in Nepal in 2015 after their earthquake doing disaster relief work for the first time. Healing the world and spreading love!

About Alyssa Dazet, L.Ac. Dipl.O.M.

Since 2011, I've dedicated my life to treating people and helping other acupuncturists thrive.

After witnessing first hand the deficiencies of Western Medicine, I decided to educate myself and others about the astounding benefits from acupuncture.

Since then, I've helped thousands of people around the world and have expanded my businesses in ways I never even thought of before getting into practice.

To learn more about me and my story, click below.

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​Deborah Croan


​Alyssa Dazet came into my life at the perfect time. After the birth of my second son I so desperately needed renewed energy and perspective on how to rebuild my practice. A mere few months after taking Alyssa's 6-Figure Acupuncturist class I doubled my patient load! I can't thank Alyssa enough for her modules that are not only accessible but also inspiring! I'm now part of a bigger community of Acupuncturist all working towards the same goal. I'm constantly going back to my notes and listening to her webinars. She's that positive voice that we all need in our heads.

​Mary-Fatimah Weening


​Alyssa provides you with tools for building and maintaining a successful practice, whether you are just finishing school or have been practicing a few years. All of this has translated into greater financial success – March was my most financially successful month yet! Last week I had three new patients, and I have four new patients this coming week.

Elyse Rohrer Budiash,


“I'm well on my way to becoming a 6-Figure Acupuncturist! Last month, I grossed what I will need to gross each month to gross at least 6 figures! This month, I'm already on track to nearly double that! I'm so happy I decided to join Alyssa. She gives you great, simple ideas for growing your practice. I haven't even been in business for quite a year and I'm already experiencing the joy of not being worried about money. It's a beautiful thing. Alyssa is on a mission to help acupuncturists so let her help you. I'm so glad I did!”

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Included in this guide are easy ways to get new clients to say "Yes".  I also included exact scripts and lines I use to keep them coming back. This resource is invaluable, it's worked for me and hundreds of acupuncturists all around the world countless times.